Secure Survival in Pixel Gun 3d

Secure Survival in Pixel Gun 3d

Pixel gun 3d is a shooting game with super cool Minecraft graphics. You’ll be amazed to know that this game is not associated with Minecraft community yet it is much like the same Minecraft, so get on iphone. Anyway, you’ll be playing the role of a pixel man, and you’ve to make him survive by defending and attacking others. If there is anything that you should be taking care of while playing this game is then let me clarify it is Survival of your Pixel.

There are many shooting games in the market but Pixel gun 3d is such a fantastic game with such fantastic gameplay, and it will take you back in 90’s where we used to play such Minecraft games. Well, here we’ve come up with few tips and tricks to get you started –

•    Learn the layouts of the maps as there are many maps in this game and you’ll be directed to a random whenever you start playing a game.

•    This game is available in different modes as you can play a single player game and you can even play it with your friends. Playing with friends is bliss, and you can connect your social account with this game which will help you connect your game with friends, and your progress will be saved.

•    Don’t miss out extra rewards as you’ll be getting additional rewards and these rearwards are given many ways, and it will take time as you go deeper into the gameplay. 

•    There are four currencies offered in this game, and you shouldn’t be missing any of it as these all are important in different aspects but you can use Pixel Gun 3d Hack 2018. Though it is hard to manage four currencies in a game, and this is the only thing that you’re going to dislike.

•    There are a vast number of weapons to choose from, and you have to try every type of firearms. Trying out these guns will help you get the desired gun which can help you win many games.

So what’s the final verdict?

This game as a whole is one of the best things in the whole gaming market. There are many exciting things that you will come across while playing Pixel gun 3. These tips and tricks mentioned above can help you get started with the gameplay. Hope you like this guide. And stay tuned for more such stuff.

Dawn of Titans- How To Improvise Stratagem?

Dawn of Titans– How To Improvise Stratagem?

Tactics are the important factor, which allows the users to dominate the game without facing any sorts of complications.  In the Dawn of Titans game, strategy plays a vital role as well and if you are playing this game, then you need to learn various sorts of flexible tactics in order to become the ultimate the player from all over the world. As we know, the game is basically based on the RTS genre, in which gamers have to construct various sorts of building and also have to upgrade them in order to reach the next level.  However, some players are facing some obstacles to gain success in the game.  That’s why, to offer comfort on their uncharted path, read the given below information and understand the gameplay by allocating the flexible tactics in both war and fabrication process as well.

What are flexible tactics?  Well, it means users have to fabricate the strategy, which they can transform according to the situation going on in the game.  There are many players lose the PvP battles due to this issue and leads then to stuck on the same level for a long period of time.  So, it is the better option to gain victory.  For instance, during combat with the opponent, common tactics gamers utilize is decoy troops.  If the enemy understands your tactics and doesn’t react accordingly, so in this condition users need a flexible strategy in order to overcome these sorts of hassles.

·         Pay attention to each and every step of the other player’s gameplay during the war.  It will support you learn different sorts of new tactics and also support the users to improvise the gameplay in the perfect manner.

·         The special powers in the game known as relics, which users can attain by using the fusion process. 

·         Fusion method supports the user to combine the two titans in order to fabricate the new Titan with new power and many more mysterious things.

·         Most importantly, there are some players unable to select the troops properly for the war and lead them to lose the battle and also they waste the in-game resources in the game.

·         There are few types of resources such as gold coins, food, gems, which support the gamers to fabricate troops and also help them to upgrade the building.  So, utilize them appropriately in the game in order to become the best player rather than a trash player.

·         Gems are the premium currency in the game and earning these gems is the daunting task.  However, if you face any problems in order to obtain them, then check out the generator tools and gain success with ease.

·         Unlock more relics slot with the process of fusion.  By enhancing the abilities of two titans by combining them leads you to dominate the game without facing too many troubles.

·         Barracks are the sources to obtain the new troops for the war.  Upgrade it and unwind more troops.  With the increasing level of the barracks allows the users to gain a stronger powerful army.

·         Castle is the main base of the game and by enhancing the level of castle offer the gamers with lots of new stuff such as defense buildings and relics slot as well.

·         Users gain a limited amount of coins, food and other in-game resources in Dawn of Titans game.  However, players can reserve some in-game resources by fabricating the island in order to allocate it for benefits.  So, play the game in the perfect manner and attain celebrity status with ease if you want just try free google play.

Mobile Legends – How To Earn In-game Resources In Greater Amount?

Mobile Legends- How To Earn In-game Resources In Greater Amount?

It is fact that the fame of the multiplayer online battle arena genre games is enhancing gradually.  One of the top trending MOBA genre game is Mobile legends, which has attained the enormous amount of reputation in the recent time.  There are hundreds of thousands of users are playing the game actively find on facebook.  With the increasing popularity of the game, the developers are adding lots of latest features for the gamers to get entertained by utilizing them.  Basically, in Mobile legends game, players have to face off the different opponents on the battlefield and fight with the support of heroes as well as minions. 

Furthermore, to add more flavors, users have to earn some resources, which are available in the form of battle points and diamonds.  These are the necessary items that allow the gamers to enjoy the game without facing too many complications.  However, some players still find it hard to obtain these in-game resources and unable to reach the next level.  If you are one of them, then read the listed below stuff in order to resolve the issues regarding Mobile Legends game conveniently.

·         As we know, the battle points are the primary currency of the game, which allows the gamers to purchase the several sorts of things in the game.  By utilizing it wisely, you can easily enhance the level of the in-game heroes to beat the opponent more conveniently.

·         Diamonds are the premium resources in the game, which offers the users to attain premium stuff as well as you can grow the number of battle points in exchange for the diamonds.  However, it is not easy to earn the diamonds back, so utilize it appropriately in order to become the best player from all over the world by getting.

·         Always try to predict the moves of the enemy.  Through this, you can easily overcome the hard part and able to damage the enemy in huge amount.

·         Attain all the information regarding the in-game characters in order to dodge the upcoming attacks and also it is a beneficial thing, which allows the users to attack the enemy directly to the weak point rather than wasting the time looking for one during battle.

·         Most of the top players allocate a variety of tactics to attain victory in the combat easily.  This is the best mechanism, which supports the gamers to move forwards with ease instead of facing too many complications.

·         You can also earn the in-game resources in an enormous amount by spending the real money in the game.  It is the safest and fastest method of the mobile legends. Allocate it and gain success without wasting too many efforts.

On the whole, with the growing craze of the game will enhance the number of users, so if you aiming to become the ultimate player in Mobile legends game.   The better option to reach that high is read the as mentioned tips and tricks in order to dominate the game easily. Don’t miss the chance, check out now!

WWE Mayhem – Know More About Victory Rewards

WWE Mayhem – Know More About Victory Rewards

The WWE Mayhem is developed by the professionals and by paying attention to the demand of game lovers follow news in facebook. You can easily get it from its user-friendly interface and supporting features. It includes numerous seasons those are beneficial in determining the progress of players. All seasons are not unlocked for the players from the first day. Players are required to complete the previous seasons first then next seasons get unlocked. Season by season the level of entertainment and enjoyment is increased. With the level of challenges also increased slowly. When you reach the higher levels then you need to unlock and use the characters those containing ratings and have special moves.

Rewards in story mode

The high rated players are so beneficial in winning matches continuously. The regular win is highly supportive in earning a huge amount of in-game resources easily and by spending a short time period. On the victory, players can receive different types of rewards. The list of rewards those are received by players on victory in story mode is given below.

Cash – it is a type of in-game resources and beneficial in several ways. By spending its amount, players are able to upgrade the characters. In this way, the skills of character get improved and you can perform better in different types of matches. Consequently, the players are able to perform in better in player v/s player mode or matches.

Level-up bottle – in the victory reward of story mode, players also receive some level-up bottles. With the help of these specific bottles, players are able to improve their superstars. The upgrade of teams also depends on this particular thing. Mainly players receive it when they get the victory in title related matches.

Manager XP – the XP level is playing an important role in the game. By increasing it, players are able to unlock some beneficial game stuff like – superstars and new modes of the game. The players cannot receive it in the rewards of all types of matches or modes.

Different modes different rewards

These are some rewards those are associated with the victory in story mode. Similarly, there are different modes available and it is not fixed or compulsory that all modes are rewarding in the same pattern. The victory reward of a mode or match is decided by paying attention to numerous factors. For receiving lots of currency as a reward by trying WWE Mayhem Hack, you should choose the wrestling mode wisely.